The Skeptical Hero

Having been gaming since the late 80s, I have lived through many gaming revolutions. I have seen and experienced firsthand the evolution of not only the games, but the genres, the society’s attitudes, and also the playstyles of the average gamer. As time goes by I have come to realise that me too, as a gamer, have changed. But how far have I really come? Have I evolved enough to adapt to the games around me? Or have I adapted too quickly, experienced too much and have become jaded? As I jump from game to game, killing my rats and firing my magic missiles, I find myself stopping to look at the worlds around me in brand new lights. With each new headshot comes a new thought; each new level, a new idea; and each new quest, a new question. Why do we play the way we do? Why do we lose ourselves in these fantastical digital worlds? And where will our quests lead us – onto the yellow brick road, or down the path towards eternal damnation?

Hello, this is BC_Animus. And I, am The Skeptical Hero.

This little blog was created as a place for me to post my random thoughts and comments on various topics, which are usually (but not limited to) gaming and technology themed. Keep in mind however that I am NOT a writer, and my writing skills are extremely limited. If you are expecting regular, insightful pieces of literature, then alas, it is time for you to turn back. But hey, since you are here already, why not come on in and stay awhile? Who knows, you just might like it!


About BC_Animus

I spend all of my non-work time pretty much on games, movies, and listening to music and podcasts. Gadget lover and gamer - own several major consoles, but mainly play MMOs on the PC nowadays. I am quiet & shy but hell of a nice guy. Consider my childhood days to be the golden age of gaming, with companies like Origin with their Ultimas and Privateers. For me MMOs are all about the people, and not about gear or loot. View all posts by BC_Animus

One response to “The Skeptical Hero

  • Yogi

    Don’t be too hard on yourself about your writing. From what I have seen so far on mmov and this first post, you have decent voice and flow. Technical stuff isn’t that important until you start aiming to be a serious writer (journalist, freelance, author, etc). Look forward to reading more BC.

    Gavin (Yogi)

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