New Mortal Kombat “Shadows” Trailer Released

Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealms Studios have just released their latest trailer for their upcoming Mortal Kombat title. While I am not normally a fan of reboots, I must admit the recent entries in the series have kind of lost focus, and the games have been spiralling out of control. Hopefully NetherRealms Studios can reshape the story and lore into something more coherent, and tighten up the combat mechanics and gameplay in general.

Despite the criticisms surrounding the previous games, I have always been a fan of the series, and this latest title is high on my wanted list. Having seen the trailer the Mortal Kombat Rebirth movie recently however, I do have my own share of concerns.

While I loved the Rebirth trailer and the artistic direction it was leaning towards, it is my hope that NetherRealms Studios will not alter the core universe(s) and the characters of the games too much.  As strange as it sounds, it has always been the lore, and not the gore, that drew me to the series.

But, having said that, I WILL end up loving the game and (the movie) regardless – alas, it is the curse of the fanboy.


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