Spotlight: Nice Girls Don’t Explode [1987]

The 80s have produced some of the most well known films of all time, with classics like Back To The Future (1985); Blade Runner (1982); Transformers: The Movie (1986); Scarface (1983); The Karate Kid (1984); and many others.  However, the 80s have also produced many other lesser known films, many of which were…  not quite as classic.  Tonight I would like to put the spotlight on one such film, a little gem called “Nice Girls Don’t Explode” from 1987.

The film features a young woman named April, who has a unique problem.  It appears that flames have a tendency to spontaneously erupt whenever her passions are aroused.  A gentle caress of the hand could set a tree on fire, and a simple kiss could lead to a chain of bon fires.  Heaven forbid if she would ever make love, why, she would probably explode!  Throw an overly protective mother into the mix, and watch the chaos and hilarity that ensues as April is reunited with her childhood sweetheart Andy.

This film is a goofy little comedy with over-the-top acting, and a completely ridiculous premise.  I have watched this film twice now and I still have no idea if it is it’s-so-bad-it’s-good, or if it is just plain bad.  But one thing is for sure, it made me chuckle – and if it can make me chuckle, then surely it can’t be all bad.


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