Champions Online F2P Announced!

Yet another MMO have gone F2P, with the latest being Champions Online.

While I am not normally a fan of the P2P-to-F2P conversion, I actually do believe this is a good move on Cryptic’s part.  Unlike other recent conversions like Everquest 2 and Lord of The Rings Online, Champions Online’s game-play designs and mechanics are actually well suited to the F2P model.

Champions Online, in case you did not know, is a super-hero MMO based on an old pen and paper RPG, and was developed by the folks who made the original City of Heroes.  Champions Online is a fast paced action RPG of sorts, set in a rich comic book world, with an insane amount of customization options.  Costumes options are limitless, with thousands of costume pieces on offer, and with new parts and pieces being unlocked or added to the game constantly.  Powersets too are completely customizable, offering players the option to mix and match powers from different sets, allowing complete freedom as to how your characters develop.

And then there is the Cryptic Store, their excellent ingame item shop.  Their shop offers affordable and mostly customisational items which help enhances the look and feel of your characters, but in ways which does not demean or punish those without.  This, in my opinion, makes their item shop one of the few have been done correctly, and is the perfect foundation for when their F2P system launches early next year.

The game will switch to the F2P model beginning in Q1, and will offer two membership levels, the Gold, and the Silver.  Gold will retain the current $14.99/month subscription, but will offer free adventure packs and updates, among other perks.  Whereas Silver will be driven by sales of adventure packs, costume pieces, item slots, and other perks such as unrestricted chat and veteran rewards.  All this might change of course prior to launch, but at this stage it is nice to note that there will be no level, zone, or major gameplay restrictions for Silver members, so F2Pers can enjoy most of the content alongside their Gold member friends.

For more info check out their official site at:


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