Valentines Reminder

Good morning ladies and gents, just a friendly reminder that Valentines Day is in less than a weeks time.  While some folks might argue that the worship and pampering of the ones we love should be a daily event, and not just be restricted and centered on one single day of the year – I say hey, why the heck not?

Ladies, why not show that nerdboy in your life how much you care this Valentines Day by buying him that fancy DLC for his game, or better still, put on something sexy…  and then leave him the heck alone so he can go raid on his favourite MMO?  As for you guys – why not forget about Lara Croft and your imaginary band of female night-elves this Valentines, and spend the day with your real life lady friend for a change?  She will be confused and shocked I’m sure, but I guarantee it, she will love you for it.

This has been a public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood Skeptical Hero.  Happy early Valentines everyone!

Oh and one last thing – all you ladies out there, I AM currently single (hint hint, wink wink, facial twitch).


About BC_Animus

I spend all of my non-work time pretty much on games, movies, and listening to music and podcasts. Gadget lover and gamer - own several major consoles, but mainly play MMOs on the PC nowadays. I am quiet & shy but hell of a nice guy. Consider my childhood days to be the golden age of gaming, with companies like Origin with their Ultimas and Privateers. For me MMOs are all about the people, and not about gear or loot. View all posts by BC_Animus

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