Spotlight: One-Eyed Monster [2008]

It is time for yet another movie spotlight, as promised.

This time, the spotlight’s on a 2008 horror/comedy called ‘One-Eyed Monster‘, starring porn legends Ron Jeremy and Veronica Hart.  The premise of the film is this: Ron Jeremy and a small crew goes out to a cabin in the middle of nowhere to shoot an adult film.  It was business as usual, and all was well – that is, until Ron’s penis was taken over by an alien and it went on a killing spree…?!

And yes, before you ask, the film IS as ridiculous as it sounds.  The film isn’t exactly a must see Oscar-winning masterpiece, but it is however one of those amusing little films that is just oh-so-bad it’s almost good.  It might not change your life, but if you are anything like me then it would definitely make you giggle at least once – and hey, if it makes you giggle, then it can’t be all that bad… right?


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