The MMO Lament

It is probably not the first time I have expressed this, but I am both concerned and disappointed with the current trends that are popping up in our MMOs, and the general direction that they are headed.

Nearly three years ago, at the height of my game I walked away from ‘World of Warcraft’, my virtual home of many years.  I did not like the way the game had become, nor the direction it was headed, with its focus on the endless ‘endgame’ and its endless daily grinds.  Gone was the adventuring aspects that I had grown to love, and with it the exploration and socialisation that had made the genre famous.

Earlier on tonight I made the following comment on a website, saying “I really hate most MMO’s focus on “endgame” nowadays.  Earlier on in my MMO career I could choose not to raid and still find plenty of things to do ingame, or if I choose to raid it was a always a challenge, and never a grind.  Nowadays most of the games out there places too much focus on endgame raids and daily and weekly grinds.  It kinda saddens me that MMOs are no longer massive playgrounds where one could explore and play where he wants , when he wants – but rather they have become small theme parks where one have to pay to queue up for the same rides over and over again, day after day.”

That comment was left partly as a response to another comment, which says “the only problem is what happens when you finish the single player storyline in SW:TOR and discover that you’re left with generic MMO endgame…What I wouldn’t give for a randomly generated quest after doing the same 13 dailies every day.”

Both of the comment above just serve to highlight some of my concerns with the genre.  I have always loved the dynamic nature of these MMOs, with their expansive ever evolving worlds, and the myriad of people and communities contained within.  For the better part of the last decade, these online games have been a huge part of my life, and it was my belief that they would continue to be for decades to come.  Lately however, it breaks my heart to say that I am beginning to have my doubts.


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