Spotlight: (500) Days of Summer [2009]

Good evening ladies and gents.  Time for another romance movie spotlight, as promised.

Tonight’s spotlight is on a little film call ‘(500) Days of Summer’, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel.

Like a lot of my other spotlights, this film is a charming and offbeat little gem. It’s a romance movie of sorts, but as the makers of the film would like to point out, “This is not a love story.  This is a story about love.”

With wonderful performances from the entire cast, and a wonderful soundtrack featuring songs by The Smiths, Black Lips, Hall & Oats, She & Him and more – this film really took me by surprise when it came out of nowhere back in 2009.  But, I must say I am probably biased, since I have had a little crush on the beautiful Zooey ever since I saw her in ‘All The Real Girls‘ from 2003.   Biased or not however, the charm of this film is evident from the first scene, and it continues to charm all the way to the last shot.

Interesting to note also, that Marc Webb, the director of this film is also the director of the upcoming ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’.


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2 responses to “Spotlight: (500) Days of Summer [2009]

  • themovieuniverse

    This is one of my favourite films of all time. I could, and have, literally watch it over and over again, I think it’s incredible. I’m a huge fan of JGL and think he is terrific in this and this was the film that bought Zooey to my attention as a really good, quirky actress. Great soundtrack, great story. Brilliant film.

    • BC_Animus

      JGL is one amazingly talented actor, but I can’t stop thinking of him as “the older alien” from ’3rd Rock From The Sun’. Whenever I see him in anything I keep expecting Dick and the others to pop up from somewhere, heh.

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