Recently Played: Project KARA/The Casting

This would be old news for gamers everywhere, but recently at GDC 2012 developer David Cage from French studio Quantic Dream unveiled this stunning short film, an early tech demo for a proprietary engine developed by his team.  Amazingly the video was captured directly off a PlayStation 3 running in real-time, and quoting Cage himself, “It’s not CG, it’s not pre-rendered, it’s really the game”.

As gamer and a tech lover, I am obviously impressed by the technology shown, however, as with tech demo video from 2006 for his previous game ‘Heavy Rain‘, I was more impressed by the writing, the music, the lighting, the camera work, and most of all, the actresses’ performance.  What wowed me was the emotions shown by the characters, and the humanity that radiates from every single frame.

I just wanna say I am personally sick and tired of all the flashy million-dollar gore, sex, and violence  in our media.  Not going to go too much into the story here, in case you have not seen the clip yet, but ‘Project Kara’ is the perfect example of the kind of things I want to see in our games and our films instead. The beauty of a simple song; the sparkling of en eye; the joy of an innocent smile…  It is the humanity, and all the little things that tugs at your heartstrings and speaks to your soul.

Anyways I will also embed below their previous demo clip, titled ‘The Casting’. Both of these clips are not only amazing tech demos, but are also amazing short films in their own right.  Watch and enjoy!


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