Recently Played: Tekken [2010]

While looking online for info on the recently released game Street Fighter X Tekken, I came across a poster for the live-action version of Tekken, a film which had somehow completely escaped my notice until now.  Let me start off by saying now that  I am not really that familiar with the Tekken franchise – I have basic knowledge of the universe and some of its characters, and had played the 2nd and 3rd game on the original PlayStation back in the day, but, that is pretty much it.

However, being a martial arts movie fan and a gaming nerd in general, I found myself rushing the film to the top of my rental queue.  This film, like a lot of game-based movie adaptations, was received quite negatively by- well, pretty much everybody.  You know what though – it might not be a must-see classic, but say what you will, I actually kinda like it.

Set in the year 2039, our young hero Jin Kazama, played by Jon Foo, witnesses the death of his mother Jun by the hands of the corporations. Vowing vengeance, he enters the deadly televised Iron Fist martial arts tournament run by the evil corporation known as Tekken, in a bid to gain access to the ones responsible.

Not sure how closely this ties in with the games, but perhaps my lack of familiarity might have worked in my favor, since it had allowed me to approach the film NOT as a film based on Tekken, but rather as a stand-alone martial arts action film with cyberpunk overtones.

I have no idea what the budget was, but the fights were imaginative and fun to watch, with surprisingly decent choreography, visual effects and costume designs.   As was the casting, with the likes of Jon Foo, Kelly Overton, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Luke Goss and Ian Anthony Dale on the roster.

I don’t know, like I said I kinda like the film, despite all the negative reviews. However, I must admit being a guy, my judgement on the film was kinda impaired.  Kelly Overton as Christie Monteiro – ’nuff said?


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