Recently Played: The Sims 3 [PC]

Having acquired a few of the expansion packs recently, I thought I would go back and give The Sims 3 another try.  I actually had a go with the game when it first came out, though I did not hang around for long.  I must admit the idea behind the game was kinda appealing, and it was certainly neat being able to afford my own dream pad, and decorate it to my hearts content, even if it’s just on a virtual basis.  I got really annoyed however, with all the little things you are supposed to do in the background – the micromanaging of friends; the exercising; the cooking and eating; the going to work; the sleeping and keeping regular hours… the very same things that bore me to tears back in the real world.

This time round I started off by creating a household with me, a cat, and a dog. It was interesting at first, being about to play with my virtual pets, hugging and cooing and chasing them all over the place. However, as routine sets in it all quickly became a messy, chaotic chore.

The dog kept digging holes in the yard, while the cat kept peeing all over the carpets.  My Sim would spend most of his day at work, only to come home to find that half my stuff have been stolen due to the dog running off while he was supposed to be guarding the house; the cat playing in her own puddle of pee; and pet toys and rubbish all over the place begging to be cleaned.  My Sim would spend hours cleaning, and would eventually settle down to a nice meal before bed – that is, after fixing the house after a fire started while trying to cook – only to be bugged by the dog who wants to be taken for a walk.  Walking the dog; mopping cat pee; cleaning; cooking; showering; peeing… Eventually my Sim would head off to bed, dying of exhaustion, only to be woken up a couple of hours later for work…  and the cycle repeats all over again, day after day…

Sick and tired of battling cat pee and dog vomit, I decided to create a new household, this time with only me and a cat.  Instead of my Sim working this time round, I decided to use the money cheat to give my household some money to live off, to give my Sim some free time to explore and enjoy himself.

The new household started off well enough, with my Sim finally making friends and getting a girlfriend; my cat being neat and non-destructive and no longer peeing all over the place; and my new house updated with all the high tech gadgets and appliances keeping my Sim in constant high morale.  However, once again as the routine sets in the whole game just turned into one big chaotic (and depressing) mess.

My fishes and my squirrels keep dying on me, and my one cat (I call her Charlie btw) keeps catching snakes, bugs, and even empty wrappers and dropping them all over the house, and leaving her cat toys everywhere – basically blocking my way at every step and leaving me rubbish to clean up. You have to constantly play with the pets too – the one day my Sim decided to stop babysitting the cat and go out for a day a day in town, Charlie got depressed and left my game completely.  Even had a social worker popping over in-game to yell at my Sim for it – but he bugged out I believe since he wouldn’t leave my house for days, and was even sleeping in my bed.

And then there is my in-game girlfriend, who wouldn’t go on dates with my Sim, but would keep coming over, eating my food, using (and breaking) my stuff, taking books off the bookcases and dropping them all over the place. And, depressingly whenever I “woohoo” with her she would walk away laughing afterwards, leaving my Sim be in a foul mood.

My Sim, by the way, is a popular minor celeb and is well known with lots of friends – but whenever I stop calling and chatting with them every half hour the friendship levels would drop and they would spread nasty rumours about me, hurting my celeb status and again putting my Sim in a foul mood.

So basically my Sim now spends all of his time (when he is not cleaning the damn house) micromanaging his annoying cat, his girlfriend, and all his “friends”, and generally going out of his mind trying to keep the whole town happy.  While I, am spending all of my free time watching him do it?!  The whole ordeal is depressing the hell out of my Sim, and at the same time it is depressing the hell outta me.

My brother asked me last night just why the hell am I playing the game, and you know what –  I honestly don’t know.


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