Spotlight: Another Earth [2011]

With a certain day coming up later on this month, I thought I would shine the old spotlight on a few haunting films – melancholic titles that makes for perfect viewing around times likes these, where I would find myself stuck in one of these low depressed moods.

First up is Another Earth from 2011, a light sci-fi/drama directed by Mike Cahill, and starring Brit Marling and William Mapother.

The premise of the film is simple.  Out of nowhere a second planet has appeared in the skies, falling into orbit next to our own.  As it turns out, this planet is a second Earth, a complete duplicate of our own, complete with its full duplicate set of people.  To be honest beyond the gimmicky premise, the film itself has a pretty weak generic plot – with the usual story of  tragedy, love and redemption.

Another Earth came out with mixed reviews, and I would probably agree that perhaps it is not the best film ever made.  However, what sets it apart for me is all the little things that makes up the film. From its superb casting and their immaculate performances, to the slow enchanting camera work and the beautiful soundtrack – it all comes together to form a haunting melancholic experience that is guaranteed to both delight and depress.

Anyways check out the trailer link, and stay tuned for more haunting spotlights, coming in the next few days – that is, assuming I could be bothered. As always, heh, only time will tell.


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