Spotlight: The Secret Life of Words [2006]

The 15th is slowly approaching, and not surprisingly I still find myself stuck in this low melancholic mood.  And as such, I guess it is time for yet another post on my series of haunting melancholic films.

Released in 2006 and starring Sarah Polley and Tim Robbins, tonight’s spotlight is on a slow moving drama from Spain, a beautiful gem of a film from writer/director Isabel Coixet, titled The Secret Live of Words.

This film focuses on the story of Hanna, an introverted and hearing impaired woman with a mysterious past, who takes on a job aboard a semi-abandoned deep sea oil rig, as a nurse caring for a patient suffering from severe burns and temporarily blindness.

In some ways the film is perhaps as cliche as they come – the classic tale of a man and a woman, with broken lives and disturbed pasts, coming together and forging an unlikely bond, and then through that connection begin to heal with the help of each other.

However despite the generic sounding plot, no words could describe just how well the film was made, and how haunting an experience it is, with its quiet elegant cinematography; the slow understated soundtrack; and the deep isolated loneliness invoked by its setting – and most of all, the powerful moving performances from its cast.

This film, by the way, was nominated for five Goya Awards and won four of them, including best film of the year:
Won: Best Director (Isabel Coixet)
Won: Best Film
Won: Best Original Screenplay (Isabel Coixet)
Won: Best Production Supervision (Esther García)
Nominated: Best Supporting Actor (Javier Cámara)

Sarah Polley was also nominated as Best European Actress by the European Film Academy for her performance in this film.


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