Upcoming: Shroud of The Avatar [PC/Mac/Linux]

Richard Garriott, for those who are not aware, is the developer behind the legendary Ultima series, which, includes the highly successful Ultima Online. He has also worked on games like Lineage, City of Heroes, and Tabula Rasa, and was a founding member of the company Origin Systems, which was responsible for bringing us classics like Wing Commander and System Shock.

I was a HUGE fan of Ultima and Origin Systems growing up, so when Lord General British appeared with the sales pitch in hand for his next project, Shroud of The Avatar, I immediately pulled a Dorothy Boyd and said “Stop – you had me at hello.”

Together with his team of proven industry veterans over at Portalarium, Garriot wants to once again reinvent the classic fantasy role-playing experience, promising us a highly immersive and interactive world with organically derived game-play that responses to player behavior, fundamental virtues and consequence of actions.

The Kickstarter pledge drive actually ended back in April, but pledging is currently still available over at https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/.

Even if you are not interested in pledging it is still worth visiting the site in my opinion, especially for RPG fans like myself.  The development updates and videos are simply amazing to watch, and there are just some amazing posts on there, like for example “What is a Lord British Ultimate RPG”.  Seeing how passionate Garriott and his team are… it just takes me back to simpler times, and serves to remind me why I l fell in love gaming in the first place.


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