Upcoming: Inner Dream [PC]

Before I fade back into the twilight I am going to try and shine the old spotlight on a few more potential gems, and this time, the focus’ on Inner Dream, a project by a Russian development duo going by the name of Sometimes You.

The game is described by the devs as a modern fairy tale about dreams.  The idea behind it is that time froze while you were asleep, and you woke up lost in a dreamworld, deep within the hidden recesses of your own subconscious mind.  Everything around you now looks like a photo, and you must find a way to make the clock ticking again, in order to find your way back to reality.

This little adventure title had me grabbed the moment I first laid eyes on it, with its striking photo-based graphics, and its interesting combination of photography, music, and mysterious premise.

To the honest I don’t even know if the game is still in active development.  Its Kickstarter funding drive actually ended last year back in May, unsuccessfully I might add.  However the game is still listed on Desura as a purchasable Alpha funded project over at http://www.desura.com/games/inner-dream, and the first chapter of the game is currently available as a free download.

Also worth checking out by the way, are their other projects, over at http://www.sometimesyou.com/.


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