NOT A Review: Ingress [Android]

If you have any interest at all in augmented/alternate reality games, then you need to do yourself a favour and check out this amazing little game from NianticLabs@Google , by the name of Ingress.

Although simplistic at first glance, Ingress actually has a surprising amount of potential depth and intrigue backing up its gameplay.  The premise of the game is that a mysterious energy of unknown origin and purpose has been unearthed; an energy, that some believe is influencing the way we think.  As a member of one of the two factions, players must move through the real world using their Android devices and the Ingress app, to discover and control sources of this mysterious energy, which is now all around us.  Utilising their devices’ GPS, players are charged with locating and capturing/defending public monuments around their local locations in this global game of tug of war.

The game is currently in an invite-only stage (or so I have been told – however I was able to install it with out an invite), and is due to be released world-wide on December 14, 2013.

For more info visit:

I +

  • Augmented/alternate reality on a global scale.
  • Active gameplay that encourages movement and exercise.
  • Social gameplay potential.
  • Intricate evolving story.
  • Attacking/defending real world locations in realtime with other unseen random nearby players provides an amazing experience that no other mobile games can match.

I –

  • Gameplay can be limited and repetitive.
  • Can be a lot of work – too much perhaps – for the more casual players.
  • Possibly a case where perhaps the premise of the game is more enjoyable than the game itself.


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