NOT A Review: FREEQ [Android]

Written and performed in the style of classic radio dramas, FREEQ, by developer Psychic Bunny is an interactive audio adventure game, where players are able to influence future events by hijacking and meddling with radio signals from the distant future.

It has an interesting premise, and the presentation is amazingly well done.  Unfortunately the game itself  is too short; its limited gameplay borders on being annoying; and its story, flawed.  Ultimately it just don’t quite have the oomph to grab or stay with you afterwards.

Having said that, I have to say this is perhaps one of the most unique games I have ever experience on a mobile platform, so unique that I would go as far as to say the experience itself is worth the price of the download.

To check this game out, please visit out your local Google Play or your friendly neighbourhood Apple App Store.

F +

  • Interesting premise.
  • Amazing voice acting and overall production value.

F –

  • Limited repetitive gameplay that borders on behind annoying.
  • Flawed story.
  • Too short?


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