This is BC_Animus. And I, am The Skeptical Hero.

Welcome to the relaunched version of The Skeptical Hero.  This little blog was originally created as a place for me to post my random thoughts and comments on various topics, which were usually (but not limited to) gaming and gadgets.

When this blog first started I wrote “Having been gaming since the late 80s, I have lived through many gaming revolutions.  I have seen and experienced firsthand the evolution of not only the games, but the genres, the society’s attitudes, and also the playstyles of the average gamer.  As time goes by I have come to realise that me too, as a gamer, have changed.  But how far have I really come?  Have I evolved enough to adapt to the games around me?  Or have I adapted too quickly, experienced too much and have become jaded?  As I jump from game to game, killing my rats and firing my magic missiles, I find myself stopping to look at the worlds around me in brand new lights.  With each new headshot comes a new thought; each new level, a new idea; and each new quest, a new question.  Why do we play the way we do?  Why do we lose ourselves in these fantastical digital worlds?  And where will our quests lead us – onto the yellow brick road, or down the path towards eternal damnation?”

As you can see by this stage in time I had become increasingly jaded and skeptical as a gamer (and I guess as a person in general).  The blog was named thus to reflect my status as a gamer, and also, my state of mind at the time.

To be honest the blog never really took off the last time it was launched.  While there had been a surprising number of visitors, it never really had any real readers.  The place never really felt alive, and the lack of comments meant I was still basically ranting to myself (admittedly in a quieter text form).

I guess the at the end of the day, the failure of the blog mainly came down to me being too lazy, or too tired to write after coming home from a full days work.  Working six day weeks, most of the time when I get home from work I just want to crawl into bed and sleep, or perhaps just spend the night doing what a gamer does – playing games.  The blog lacked focus and content, and I felt perhaps I didn’t explain the site enough, that people didn’t know what to expect going in, and, probably still didn’t know what to expect exiting.  And so, it came as no surprise to anyone, that somewhere along the line the blog just kinda fizzled out and stopped.

Anyways with the relaunch, the blog will have more of a direction, while at the same time less of a focus. It will be rantier, less formal, and more random – in other words more like me in real life.  It is also now being maintained for personal reasons, a vanity project and a journal of sorts, a snap shot of my life at this point in time.  Something for me to look back to at a future time, and something for me for come back to and laugh at perhaps, when I am supposedly older and wiser.  The blog will still be open to the general public however, and all visitors and comments are still more than welcome, and indeed encouraged.

And now, let me officially relaunch The Skeptical Hero by ending this post with a big hello to myself in the future.  (And, incase you are one of the unfortunate few who have accidentally stumbled onto the site, and have somehow forgotten how to get out – I bid you a warm welcome, and at the same time offer my utmost apologies.)


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