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Upcoming: Lioness [PC]

It has been mere hours since my last post, but as soon as I saw this project on Kickstarter I knew I just had to rush this new post out.  This time the spotlight’s on a PC game by a team lead by developer Zak Ayles, an unique looking title by the name of Lioness.

When I came across this project I was instantly grabbed by the game’s intriguing tag line of “What does it feel like to not exist?”

Ayles have said to be employing unique new ways of approaching games as a storytelling medium, and have promised an organic narrative experience that will feel personal and unique to everyone who plays it.

Featuring non-linear gameplay that focuses on social interactions, life, and narrative, the player takes control of a freelance journalist, as he conducts research on a series of seven mysteriously missing people in this experimental adventure about human connection.

Looking at its distinctive art style, and taking in the atmospheric melodies of its trip-hoppy soundtrack, it is hard not to get excited for this ambitious little project.

Not sold yet?  Well, did I mention that it also features a plot that involves a nicotine addicted cat, time-travel, yakuza, and interdimensional coffee?

As of right now, the funding pledge drive has just under 50 hours left to go – time is quickly running out, so while you still can, do yourself a favour and pop on over to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/967459848/lioness!


Potential Gems

I have been rather down on mainstream gaming in recent times, especially on what I perceive to be a lack of innovation and originality.  Sadly in my opinion the indie scene is doing just as bad on that front, with an endless number of cheap clones pouring out of every corner of the market.  However, the potential for greatness IS out there, and a lot of these more interesting projects are appearing on the market in the form of early access playable betas, or are hyped pre-release as Greenlight or Kickstarter projects.

This is why I have decided to shake the digital dust off this site, and in the next few posts (assuming I could force myself out of bed) help shine the old spotlight on a few upcoming or work-in-progress projects – potential gems which I find interesting, and want to see succeed.

I know this site might not have the traffic and following, but hey, every little bit helps, and however tiny I’m sure the developers won’t complain about any extra bit of potential funding I can direct their way, so, watch this space ladies and gents.

In the meantime, here are a few examples of recent successes, and unfortunately, recent failures.

Examples of projects which succeed beyond expectations includes Mojang’s Minecraft:

Subset Games’ FTL: Faster Than Light:


or Harebrained Schemes’ Shadowrun Returns:


Sadly, other projects failed to even get past the drawing board stage, like Ed Annunziata’s The Big Blue:


or Gas Powered Games’ Wildman, another project that was unfortunately cancelled due to a lack of funding.


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