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Lamenting The Mountain

My tramp through my mountain of junk has been proceeding at a snail’s pace (see https://skepticalhero.wordpress.com/2012/01/21/baby-step-tramping-through-the-mountain/). However, progress IS being made.  In the past couple of weeks I have thrown away years worth of books; collector’s edition boxes; action figures and a myriad of other little bits and pieces.  During this time I have also gathered up dozens of CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays, all ready to be traded in.

It is depressing, seeing the amount of junk that I have uncovered thus far. Seeing all the things that I had once considered my treasures, but now lie hidden and forgotten.  Things that I haven’t seen or thought about in years, and in some cases, things that I never knew I had.  Not to mention the things that I thought I had but could not find, the things that I have somehow lost without even realising.

It get even more depressing, when I think about all my limited collector’s editions and numbered merchandise from years back, never opened, gathering dust since their purchased, and eventually thrown away…  My old VHS tapes, with the hours I spent recording movies, shows and videos off TV (and in some cases even more hours spent cutting out ads, and transferring to new tapes), now useless, and again thrown away…

I find it sobering, thinking about all the things that I once held dear to my heart, but now find meaningless and abandoned, thrown out and devoid of use. It makes me look around at all my current treasures with brand new eyes, and it leaves me wondering – just what is all this good for?  Just what is the point of having money and processions, when it is all ultimately meaningless?


Baby Step: Tramping Through The Mountain

The tip of the mountain...

In my previous post, I mentioned the starting of a series of baby steps, with the idea that they would eventually lead me towards bigger goals.  Well today I’m going to talk about one of my first steps – it involves a tramp and a hike, an expedition if you will, through my mountain of junk.

My earthly processions have grown exponentially over the years, with each year, more and more media devices; collectibles; books; games; CDs; DVDs; Blu-Rays and other miscellaneous bits and pieces finding their way into my collection.  I am somewhat ashamed to admit it, but despite all the money I have spent, despite all the little bits and pieces that I own, at the end of the day I have very little to show for it.

There are just so many things that I own and love, but rarely see or use, and sadly, in some cases things things I have never opened, and most likely never will.  Action figures and collectible statuettes for example; special collector’s editions of older games; books purchased from sales but I have never gotten round to, or books that I have started but have never gotten round to finishing… all that and more, just sitting around gathering dust.  Many of these are things that I have had for years, things that I love; things that I treasure; things, that I consider to be my- well, as Gollum would say, “my precious”.

It is depressing to see how my life has gotten to a stage, where I not only find myself surrounded by useless junk, with no money, property, or savings.  It is no longer a case of me owning my wealth – much like Gollum, I find myself at a stage where I am now a prisoner of my own belongings, trapped by my own precious processions.  Well, it is for that reason I am taking this grand expedition through my mountain, and have started the task of systematically eliminating various items from my collection.  In the past week alone I have thrown away years worth of PC games, collector’s editions, books, and various types of collectibles.  And right now, I am in the process of going through my console games, CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays, looking for titles to sell or trade in.

Though it breaks my heart, throwing things away left and right the way I am doing right now – I would have to admit, the whole experience is surprisingly exhilarating and gratifying.  With each item thrown away, another brick from the wall of my self imposed prison is being knocked down.  With each item eliminated, another window is being created on the wall, allowing the light of freedom to shine through.

Anyways to be honest at this stage I don’t really feel that much freer or lighter, and, looking at my sheer amount of junk I must say I am barely making a dent. However, that brings me back to the whole point of this tramp through my mountain: it is but a baby step.  The idea behind these baby steps is that it doesn’t matter if I don’t move in leaps and bounds, or perhaps if I move so slowly that I won’t ever make it to my goal – it doesn’t matter if I fail in what I set out to do even.  What matters is that I am moving, and, as the old saying goes – “Even the longest journey begins with a single step.”  Perhaps I have way too much love for commercialism for me to ever truly be free – but someday, who knows, I just might get there.

A New Year

We are now half way into January, and thus try as I might, I can no longer deny the fact that it is now a brand new year.  I don’t know about you, but I have always found this time of the year to be a depressing one. Sure, the new years might be a time of renewal, a fresh start of sorts, but it is also the time when resolutions are renewed… and reviewed.

Last years for me they were the standards for the most part – spend less money; save more; eat better; exercise more; get a life (sadly, that wasn’t a joke), et cetera.  Call it a lack of will, or just plan laziness perhaps, but unfortunately just like pretty much all of previous years, my good intentions kinda just fell by the wayside.  Like a lot of people, none of my resolutions really stuck, and nothing came even closed to being achieved.

Well, this year, I’m not going to delude myself with yet another grand list of things that I know I won’t get done.  Instead of plans of turning big dreams into reality, my goal instead is for me to start a series of baby steps towards bigger goals.  And instead of planning ahead for the whole year, I’m gonna take things one day at a time.  And no, before you ask I’m not doing the “no day but today” thing.  For me it’s more like “if I fail today, there is always tomorrow – and tomorrow, is never far away.”

Anyways my first goal this year is one that I’ve kinda had for years, but have somehow never manage to get even close to starting.  It sounds strange, but it has to do with my worldly processions – and my dreams of perhaps one day being free from it all.  But heh, that, is a story for another post…  That is, if I ever get round to writing it.  As usual, only time will tell I guess.

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