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Skeptical Watches: Good Dick [2008]

Written, directed, and starring Marianna Palka, and released in 2008.  Good Dick focuses on a clerk at a video rental store, who falls in love and begins stalking one of his customers, a reclusive young woman with a strange obsession for soft core porn.

Granted, my summary makes this sound like one of those creepy sex-filled torture thrillers you might find on some (probably best forgotten) late night TV channel, but the film is actually a kinda sweet quirky romantic comedy of sorts – almost cliché really, the classic story of two broken people, falling in love.

Unfortunately the film falls flat on many levels, and most viewers would probably find the characters to quirky (and creepy) to relate to.  However, if you are a socially awkward hopeless romantic like myself, with a disposition for the weird, then chances are you might end up loving this film as much as I do.


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