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The DLC Rant

New playable character Nikki Summerfield from the upcoming DLC pack.

Konami has just announced a release date of February 21st for their upcoming DLC pack, for their action adventure title ‘NeverDead‘.  The game is not even out in the stores in New Zealand yet, as far as I could tell, and to be honest it wasn’t even on my radar.  However, that announcement really annoyed the hell outta me, as it highlighted one of my major gripes with the gaming industry at the moment.

Right now I am seeing a trend where the focus of the developers and publishers are on DLCs and micro-expansions, with a lot of them planning DLCs ahead of time, and sometimes even announcing them BEFORE the actual games themselves are released.  Or worse, some companies even ship the DLCs along with the physical games, and then later on sell digital codes to unlock the DLCs online.

While I do appreciate the idea of additional contents, which expands and extends the lives of games that you love, I personally just cannot stand a lot of these modern day DLCs.  The problem is a lot of time nowadays, you end up feeling like you are playing an incomplete game, and that you are being punished and penalised, and coerced into paying for more whenever a DLC comes out.

It is getting ridiculous how we are getting to a stage, where in order to get the full complete experience out of a game, you not only need to pre-order to get the pre-order DLC, but you also need to pay for several stages of post-release DLCs, and sometimes videos and other contents as well – for example just look at ‘Assassin’s Creed: Revelations‘, where the real ending for the Enzio character was not included as part of the game, but rather only available if you pay extra for the special editions, or as a separate purchase from Xbox Live –  and all that, is on top of the cost of the actual game itself.  Not to mention the cost of the bandwidth required to download the DLCs, as well as on average at least 1gb worth of patches and bug fixes.

At the risk of sounding like some cranky old man sitting on his porch, I just wanna ask – whatever the hell happened to the good old days when you buy a game, and it came fully playable and complete out of the box?


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