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Spotlight: Medianeras (Sidewalls) [2011]

Without further ado, here is the last of the three promised romance movie spotlights.

Tonight the spotlight’s on a refreshing and charming little film from Argentina, a modern love tale from writer/director Gustavo Taretto.

With the tagline “Buenos Aires in times of virtual love”, ‘Medianeras’, known as ‘Sidewalls’ in the states, takes place in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires. The film starrs Javier Drolas and Pilar López de Ayala – however some might argue that perhaps the real star of the film is the city itself, with every scene being dominated by beautiful shots of the city’s iconic mismatched architecture and their exotic painted tattooed walls.

The film focuses on the theme of isolation in our digital modern age, and we the viewers, are invited into the homes of two of the city’s lost souls.  We are given glimpses of their lives as they navigate through the 21st century urban jungle of the city.  And we get to watch as they struggle with their own individual loneliness; as they wander the city in their quest to find a sense of belonging, and ultimately, perhaps even Love.

Whether you are a hopeless romantic, or perhaps just a skeptical fool who wants to believe – if you have ever felt lost, alone and isolated in this modern day world, then this film is for you.

(By the way, it just occurred to me that I have counted the days wrong – that there were 4 days till Valentines, and not 3 as I have stated.  So, who knows, perhaps I might be back tomorrow with a final romance spotlight.  But being as lazy as I am, I can give no promises – all I can say is, we shall see.)


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