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Monopoly of The Multi-platform

I have seen many discussions regarding platform-exclusivities of games in recent times, and I have heard many arguments both for and against.  Some argue that the focus of games should be on the games themselves, and that one should not be confined and restricted by their choice of platforms.  They advocate the breaking down of the platform barrier, and suggests that all games should be available across all platforms, accessible by all – some extremists are even calling for the one single platform system.

I, however, sit on the other side of the fence.  While I do agree that focus should be on the games, and not on the platforms, I personally think that multi-platform gaming is having a negative effect on our gaming.  In my opinion multi-platform is a type of monopoly, and monopolies tends to have a negative impact on competition, on innovation, on brand loyalty, and on the industry in general.  Yes, I understand most people can’t afford multiple systems, and I do agree it is neat being able to play a game for the sake of the game no matter what you own.  But I am still against multi-platform gaming for the monopoly factor alone.

With multi-platform games you usually end up with slightly different experiences anyways, due to the hardware and the different way the games were developed.  I’m sick and tired of having one version with higher rez textures, another with different lighting, while yet another with different bugs or sometimes different playmodes and chars.  I want games developed with particular systems in mind, with focus on that systems capabilities and userbase.  I don’t want games which were developed with the median or the lowest common denominator in mind, with controls that don’t quite work on any of the platforms, and patches and DLCs which comes at different times.

Competition also drives innovation, plus, system exclusive titles (for the most part) just have so much more personality, and I find myself caring a lot more about them than I do with a lot of these big name generic sequel-breeders nowadays.  Modern games I am finding are just becoming so generic, so forgettable and lacking in personality nowadays.  I really do miss the olden days of the old console wars, of the big mascots, where each of the platforms had distinctive personalities.

This is why I am loving the fact that David Cage of Quantic Dream is popping up all over the internet, singing praises about the PlayStation 3, and pledging his loyalty to the platform. This, in my opinion, is great news indeed, not just for fans of Sony and the PlayStation brand, but also for gamers like myself who (as you know) are worried about the current state of the gaming industry, and for the future of gaming in general.  Cage may not be single-handedly revolutionising the gaming world perhaps, but at least he is helping to delay the monopoly, and for that, he has my gratitude and my support.


2010 – Get Off My Lawn!

Time, like a thief in the night, is slowly creeping up on me, and day by day, I am finding it increasingly more difficult being a gamer.  Maybe it is a case of me getting older and slower, and not being able to keep up with the hectic pace of this modern day world.  It might be a case of the games and their communities, having moved down a different evolutionary path then the one I have been travelling.  Or it might even just be a simple case of the sheer volume of games released, and a lack of time on my part.

Whatever the case is, looking back on 2010, I have come to realised just how tired, how burnt out, and to a degree how fed up I am with gaming in general.   Looking back at at all the games I have played; the games I have yet to play; the games I have finished; the ones I have yet to finish; and the ones I have abandoned…   It all just bring up such negative emotions in me.

It frustrates the hell out of me, looking at refreshing new games like Heavy Rain and Demon Souls (okay from 2009, but was released in Europe in 2010), and seeing how they failed to revolutionise or even make a splash in the industry.   Or looking at abandoned products like Sony’s PSP Go, at how badly implemented and supported that device was, and at how so much wasted potential there was.

It makes my blood boil looking at companies like Apple, Activision-Blizzard, and even companies like Zynga, with their overpriced overrated products that everyone just seem to love with a mindless passion.   What’s worse is seeing the unstoppable momentum these companies have built up, and seeing all the other companies out there making regurgitated copycat clones of their products, trying to emulate their successes.

And don’t get me started on things like the PSMove and the Kinect, or non-gaming things like the Kobo; autotune; idiots who releases weblinks and free classic books as paid-apps (and the idiots who encourages more of such stupidity by buying them); Twilight (damn sparkly “vampires”) and the whole pseudo vampire craze; vuvuzelas; and of course, Justin damned Bieber.

Right now there is just so much frustration, and so much anger cooking inside of me – 2010 has brought me to a bubbling simmer, and this year of prolong cooking has left me a dried up emotional mess on the inside.  And so, I find myself looking at 2011 with a skeptical eye, and wondering just how I will fare in this brand new year.  Will I finally be pushed to the boiling point and beyond?  Or will my faith and passion for gaming (and indeed humanity) be restored in a glorious non-stopping train of double rainbows?  I guess ladies and gentlemen, only time will tell.

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