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NOT A Review: Paranormal [PC]

Paranormal is being described by the developer Matthew C Cohen as a fully dynamic 3D haunting experience.  Wanting the players to experience the horrors of a haunting that’s never the same twice, Cohen has designed a dynamic system that he claims will allow an unique randomized experience every time you play, with multiple outcomes, dynamic triggers, countless variables, and an action-reaction system.  

This early access explorational horror game has a lot of potential, with its promise of dynamic random gameplay; upcoming direct-X 11 graphics; and even future Oculus Rift support.  However at this current stage of development I find the game to be rather basic and generic, with its limited gameplay, controls, writing, and even audio and visuals.

Unfortunately the biggest let down for me was the horror part of Paranormal. Perhaps it is just a case of me having been desensitised by years of playing survival horror games, but I find the scares on offer here to be rather dull – they are all just too clichéd and expected, with your usual “ghost appearing in the mirror for a second” and “water turning bloody” type fares.  Overall the game has left me unfrightened, and to be honest unimpressed.

The game is currently available on the PC as an early access title, on both Desura and Steam.

You can check it out over at http://www.indiedb.com/games/paranormal.

P +

  • The premise of the dynamic haunting system has potential.

P –

  • Too clichéd, with too many of the usual expected scares for the game to be truly frightening.
  • Limited controls and slow movement speeds negates the value of the pop up scares.
  • Very linear and limited, despite the promise of the random and dynamic gameplay.
  • The variation between play throughs are miniscule, and does not seem to affect the gameplay or the story.


NOT A Review: Path of Exile [PC]

I have been told that some of my previous longer posts have been mistaken for reviews.  However let me assure you, that is definitely NOT the case.

As stated previously I am NOT a writer, and I certainly do NOT have the skills or the patience to write reviews.  All I seek to do on this site is to shine the old spotlight on random interesting things; post the odd screenshot here and there; and perhaps one day, hipster selfies.  And to prove it, I am going to keep this post nice and short.

Path of Exile is a point and click Action RPG, developed by New Zealand’s own Grinding Gear Games.  Dubbed by many of its players as “the game that Diablo III should have been”, this excellent F2P title is now available on Steam, or direct from their website over at http://www.pathofexile.com/.

PoE +

  • Non-restrictive freeform character building.
  • Gem based skills system – character powers comes in the form of equip-able gems that levels up with use.
  • Barter System – instead of traditional gold the game has a barter system which utilises usable items like identification scrolls and armour upgrade stones as currency.
  • Varied + interesting loot.
  • F2P with a promise that it will never be Pay-To-Win.
  • Regular events and races.
  • Passionate developers.

PoE –

  • Difficulty can be erratic, especially the end game bosses.
  • Passive skill selection can be daunting, with permanent builds that offers no real way to reset a character.

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